For this part of our summer brief we had to write an essay answering one of three questions. The question I chose was the Advertising question as was as followed.

“Marmite’s status as a product to love or hate has become so embedded in the English Language that the salty spread is now the by word for anything contentious.”

How do you think a brand managed to do this? Discuss with reference to the article. Identify at least two other Advertising campaigns that have also had a huge impact on our behaviour, lexicon or ideology.

We then had to make a book for our essay. My book will be featured in my Portfolio and is shown here.

I really enjoyed looking into this topic as it is something I have previously touched upon in my college English Language studies. I did also really enjoy creating my book having participating in bookbinding classes last year and thoroughly enjoying it. With this book however we had full creative control over the layout etc. so it felt even more exciting. I would really like to create more books this year and further my book binding skills as it is an area that I really love.



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