For the final part of our summer briefs we had to go on a ‘Research Treasure Hunt’. For this we had to look at 3 different designer that set up a design company, then for each of those companies we had to look at 3 different jobs they had done while considering the processes and influences on them. I found this really complicated at first but once I broke it down and started making the presentation I found it extremely interesting and really enjoyed it.

I looked into BBH, Adam&EveDDB and Leo Burnett and loved all of them. I kept looking into companies and would find one I loved and wanted to work for and then would find one that I liked even more, however I do think Adam&EveDDB were my favourite out of the three I looked at.

I found this project really useful to give us an insight into the industry as before this I had absolutely no idea about what kind of companies were out there, which companies did which famous adverts and what made adverts good and I think this task helped answer all those questions.

Although my presentation was mainly spoken you can find my visual presentation here.



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