For our first task we had to create a brand profile. The way we did this was through creating a character for our brand in terms of a person. I was given the brand 14618857_10211345335777369_2116936922_o-copyCatapillar and I had a lot of fun creating his personality. My main direction was a simple, honest and respected person who would always get the job done. This can be seen in my workings to the left.

We then had to move on and use the information we’d just gathered to create a ‘brand essence diagram’. This is where the brand tonal and core values are combined to create whats known as the ‘brand essence’. Branding Essence Insider describe the brand essence as ‘the heart and soul of a brand – a brand’s fundamental nature or quality.  Usually stated in two to three words, it is the one constant a14614233_10211345335497362_601014068_o-copycross product categories and throughout the world.’

For mine I decided to focus on many of the same things I did during my character building exercise and came up with ‘when you want the job done well’ as my main brand essence. My diagram is to the right.

We then had to go on and create a mood board using this information. I did struggle with this quite a bit as a lot of my words revolved around simplicity and respect which I found hard to put into words. To combat this I went back to my character and thought about my brand as a physical thing again which did help quite a bit. My finished mood board is below.

mood board.jpg

I did find this task very helpful as it opened my eyes to look at businesses as a whole much more and what they’re beliefs and ideologies are. It was also really helpful to think about what the adverts need to say in order to comply with the brand. Although I struggled with the mood board I feel like the more I do them with different kind of brands I will find them a lot easier to make and a lot more helpful to use.



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