13938194_10206719159719811_3167812439075818731_oThis week our Industry Friday talk was by Greta Zabulyte, a UoB music tech graduate turned filmmaker.

Greta started her talk by mentioning that she studied at music school in Lithuania, so when she came to the UK music was a natural choice. She graduated with a first and earned a place on the masters degree. Although she started it, she quickly felt it was not for her. This is when she became a media technician in the university. She then moved onto become a TV production co-ordinator. During this time she did everything from photography and film making to sound design. She filmed everything from rally car racing to gigs and fashion show, some of which was still heavily involved with the university. She now is an Editor and Production Assistant for Clearhead where she worked part time while also working at the uni before going full time.

This talk was very interesting as it showed us someone who started at the university and has now found a job in an extremely different field to where she graduated. It showed me that I may not exactly end up in the field i study and that is okay. Sje also gave us a lot of ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ about working in a creative industry such as long hours and travelling however most of this was things I knew already.

She did also give us a lot of advice about progressing in the creative industries. She said that we should always speak to our lecturers as they know much more than they initially tell us in our seminars and that we should always say yes to any opportunity we get. As well as this she said that networking is extremely important and can be the difference between getting a job or not. Not only did this include going out your comfort zone and ‘faking it till you make it’ but heavy use of social media like instagram.

Overall I really liked this talk and felt it was a nice and gentle way to start the year as it was not as full on as some of the other industry fridays.


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