An Integrated agency does so much more than just simply advertise. They have the capability to do everything a brand may need to do all under one roof. This includes graphic design and copywriting all the way to social media and PR. Not only can they offer complete packages and save companies money but in this day and age where there are multiple platforms on and offline that brands need to target it saves time and makes it easier to keep everything in synergy.

One of these agencies is RKCR/Y&R. They are a full service creative agency founded 22 years ago on the belief to create ‘ideas before, and beyond advertising’. This is still relevant today and they hold some of the biggest companies in the UK’s accounts as well as three baftas (the only ad agency to ever get one).

One of their campaigns that I love is their work for M&S, in particular their adverts featuring up close food to a chart topping song labelled as ‘adventures of’. There were a variety of adverts in this style and they all look amazing. You can view one of them here. The combination of amazing cinematography and catchy music makes an advert that you can’t help but look and and then can’t help but feel hungry over. It also fits so perfectly with the brand’s sophisticated image.

Their ‘reinvention of food porn’ worked amazingly and according to their website passion fruit sales doubled, runny scotch eggs sales went up 100% and over 100,000kg of potatoes were sold as a result of their one advert.


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