For this task we had to reposition a brand just from looking at it’s target market.

We did this in a really interesting way which I think really helped the process. We initially all picked a company and wrote what it’s target market was now and what we were going to change it to and which media it was going to be advertised. For this I had Peperami and decided to change it from a children’s lunchtime snack to a adults protein fix.

We then had to swap between everyone and it was at this point that I ended up with Nescafe, a typically family bought item. My task was to reposition it to appeal to commuters as a rival against brands like Costa and Starbucks. Initially this really confused me as we couldn’t change the package at all and Nescafe is an instant powder whereas Costa/Starbucks provide takeaway drinks. However, we were given the task to sprint/scamp at least 5 ideas in 15 minutes and then present them to the class. This is an area I feel like I excel in as I managed to get 8 ideas done in the time and the class really seemed to like them. My initial ideas can be seen below. 14807887_10211501997853823_691093738_o-copy14807894_10211501998053828_1752315707_o

We decided as a class that my strongest two ideas were based on the ‘personalisation’ element of the sale, this being the ‘nothing tastes better than my mug’ idea and ‘however you like it’. These were also some of my favourite ideas as well as I really liked how personal and humourous I could make them.

Our next step was to work them up into second stage visuals and this is where I struggled a bit as I really liked my ideas but they just weren’t working in photoshop. I found it extremely hard to find images that fit in with my idea however I did find some images that I could work with and I created the following three images.

I do like the outcomes but i don’t think they are anywhere near as strong as I feel the ideas were. This is definitely something I need to work on as i’m usually extremely proud of my ideas and not so much about my final outcomes.

There was also not a strong sense of the brand in my images which I purposefully left out at this stage as I wanted to get my visuals perfected first however I think this would have probably left me with the issue of a logo I don’t know where to put so I am going to try and avoid this technique in future. I am also going to try and stay away from the computer as long as possible in future as I feel that this can often be what ruins my ideas, espeically this project as I was bound by internet found images. I think by working on my drawing skills I can become more confident away from the computer.

Overall I really liked this project as it was our first ‘proper go’ at working with adverts specifically which I really enjoyed. I also think it really highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and what I need to work on which has really helped me.


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