Honestly this project confused me a lot initially, mainly due to the complicated architecture of the brand combined with the new ideas of strategy that we were learning. Because of this I very much started at the simplest end and brainstormed what ‘Browns Coffee’ was about, what they wanted to be perceived as and their competition. I also took a lot of what we learnt last year and came up with pen portraits for my potential market as well as perceptual maps of the markets.

This is when I decided to make a survey asking people lots of questions about their coffee habits including why they bought and went to their chosen coffee shop and if they would pay for higher quality and UK roasted.

I found the results of this really interesting as I found out that people mostly buy their coffee because it tastes good (50%) followed by cost (13%) and then the familiarity of it (8%). This mainly shocked me as I thought more people would be price driven rather than price.  I also was shocked at this answer as a lot of people actually went to their coffee shop because of the variety they offered (18%) and a lot a people mentioned supporting local businesses which is the element I planned to play on as Browns was a London brand.

It was at this stage that I decided to create the brand essence diagram that we worked on in the week before however I did find it a lot more difficult to create for a new brand rather than the existing brands we worked on before. I think a lot of my confusion at this stage  was down to me not having a complete understanding of what I wanted Browns to be like as a brand and having an idea stuck in my head about the packaging. However I did work out that I wanted to look at the British element of the brand and have this as my main starting point as not only are the beans roasted in the UK which I think is quite unique but I think it will relate to the ‘local’ and ‘independant’ coffee shop values that people told me they like.

Once I got a lot of these initial ideas out of my head and on to paper I realised a lot of them contradicted themselves and therefore didn’t work, however I did still really like them. So I am going to continue with the British theme and try and get my strategy sorted out and then move on to creating my logo as I think this will help me make sense of the situation.

The presentation of this part of the project can be seen here: 2-hannah-tudor-research-powerpoint


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