For the next step of the project I decided to settle on a strategy in order to continue on with the task in the correct way with a strong understanding of my brand. This is where I cemented my idea of ‘British’ and being the main selling point and started to look more at my audience.

To start I decided to look back at Brown’s and remembered they were a family run business. I felt this connected heavily with my theme of trying to get people to see browns as a local coffee shop as most independent stores are family run.

After I had my themes decided I looked towards my audience and came to the conclusion that I wanted my audience to be 20-40’s men and women who had enough money but weren’t ‘showy’ about it. I imagined them being predominantly couples apposed to families and shopping at sainsbury’s and next. I see them as being quite an adventurous and enjoying travelling and sports.

It was at this stage that I decided to make a Brand Essence diagram and I found it much easier than before I began feeling like the idea for the brand was all over the place and I was unsure about where I would go to continue. I created lots of lists about my target audience and a summary of her day however I knew this wasn’t the way to go and decided to start the strategy again.


I knew that I did not have a full understanding of brand strategy and I think that is why I did not understand where I was going with the brand. Because of this I decided to read ‘The Advertising Concept Book’ by Pete Barry and it helped me to gain a better knowledge of Strategy in the Advertising world. It was also at this time where I came up with the line ‘Great taste is waiting outside your comfort zone’ which worked really well with the high quality and diverse flavours that Brown’s offer.

After I had this idea, to help my create my strategy statement I first made a strategy statement which summarised a lot of the points that appear on the creative brief which was what we were asked to create with our strategy on. I now feel like I have a really strong idea and have a solid strategy that I am going to base my idea on.

My next step is now going to be looking at my logo and then hopefully being at the stage where I can create campaign posters.


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