illustratorI have wanted to do another illustrator skills set for a while as I have been really keen to advance my skills and I found with this intermediate tutorial that everything that was mentioned was new to me and would really help my learning.

We learnt about a new tool in CC in which you can draw shapes freehand and it will convert them to a regular shape. I don’t have CC on my personal computer where I do most my work so this tool wasn’t amazing for me, I also didn’t see my difference between using this tool and the normal shape tool. I will definitely use it when using the university computers however as it does make you feel like you have more control.

One of the great things that we looked at was the mesh tool which was a really fun way to play with colour within a shape. I created the yellow and blue circle at the top of the document. It’s definitely a tool I will use in future.

We looked at a few tools I had used previously such as the knife and scissor tool but it was good to refresh my mind and play with them away from the constraints of work. One tool which I had attempted to use before was the paint bucket tool however I had never quite got the hang of it, however after being introduced to it properly I fully understood extremely quickly and will use that endlessly from now on.

Another good thing we were introduced to was symbols. Prior to this skills set I had never used symbols or understood them however within 5 minutes I knew I would be using them all the time. I will definitely be using them for my logo when doing work in order to watermark things and I will also play around with them a lot more outside of uni work. I didn’t fully understand the symbol editing tools however once I begin making my own symbols hopefully I won’t have to use these that much.

The last thing we looked at was creating our own brushes. This was a relatively easy process and I will definitely be using this in the future.

Overall this skills set was actually incredibly helpful and I am really glad I went. I am going to keep my eyes out for more adobe workshops as hopefully they’ll all be as insightful as this one.



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