As a design student we have always been encouraged to use the risoprinter in our work, however I have always avoided it as i’d never used it before. Therefore I was extremely happy to see that there was a riso skill set this year that we could sign up for. I have worked with Alex at the Guildford Street Press before and love working with her so I knew this workshop would be fun.

We initially had a conversation about paper and did a fun test about guessing paper weights and coating which was really insightful. We also learn about what papers the Risoprinter could take as well as normal printing. The printer works by scanning in the artwork which it then burns onto a master that sits on rolls of ink within the machine. The paper then travels through this all and comes out the other end very much like a normal printer.

We made our artwork based on fruits which was actually a really inspiring topic. We had to create our art in layers based on the different colours and the darker the colour the stronger the colour would be on the final print. I decided to play with different patterned paper that had different textures on as I was intrigued as to how this would come out in the final prints. I also worked with overlapping designs as I thought this would create an interesting look.

I really like my final piece however I am slightly disappointed about how the pink layer came out but that is the risk I took when using the textures that I used. I do really love the green layer though as the brush strokes came out so well and created a really good look, I am really glad that i got one extra of these.

Overall I loved this workshop and it showed me how easy the Riso process was and how effective it could look when done well. I will definitely be using it in my future work more and can’t wait to experiment with it again.


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