After my previous crit I began to work on my design and looking at how I can make the cocktail element more of a bigger thing. I decided to leave my yellow design for a while as we all collectively realised I had become very focused on the little things without having a perfected idea.

Because of this I looked at more cocktail associated images that I could incorporate with my design to give the idea of cocktails while still suggesting that you could drink this coffee at any time of the day and that it wasn’t actually alcoholic. Because of this I used things like salt/sugar round the edge of the glass, ice and fruit to make two more posters that fit very much with the similar style of the first yellow poster.

The idea of giving the word ‘twist’ a ‘twist’ came up in my last crit and i tried to briefly touch upon it in this design however I don’t think it worked to the extent that I would have liked it too. This is when this next design came into the mix and I did love it however I still wasn’t 100% sure if it worked well enough and was quite torn between the solid coloured text and the white tex15133761_10211795451069970_99166226_o.jpg.


I decided to change the idea of giving the word ‘twist’ a bit of a twist on the page into the means of a different typeface or colour etc. However, I found that with the current format it just wasn’t working as the type either didn’t stand out enough or looked incredibly out of place. This is when I began thinking about a comment one of my class had mentioned when I posted the previous poster on instagram and that was that it looked really good as a square.15935975_10212322501645905_2134377566_n.jpg

Because of this I decided to look at the design as a square and see if I could incorporate the idea of the ‘twist’ into it this way. This is when I looked into the idea of the poster being quite polaroid like and looking like it had almost been written on like a lot of people write on their polaroids. I still liked all the elements of my previous poster so did want to include them somehow in this new style. I then came up with the following three designs which I do really love.

At this stage I decided to print out the three posters for each of my designs and put them up on the wall as I thought this would help me decide which style had the best impact. 15133761_10211795451069970_99166226_o-copy

Unfortunately I found that this didn’t help as much as I was hoping and I’ve ended up even more confused than I did in the first place. I think my next step is going to be to begin looking at my brand manual as I have a lot of the elements possible to begin that and then see how I feel about my design at that stage. I feel like I am leaning more towards to polaroid posters but I do not want to make a full decision at this stage.


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