After I was incredibly stuck at the stage I was at with my two designs I decided to just begin my brand manual as I was at a stage were I needed to move forward but felt like I couldn’t at the stage I was at. However, once starting my brand manual I realised that the front cover I was creating was a perfect merge between my two ideas and that it could really work in terms of my actual poster.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 14.24.27.png

This is when I stopped working on my brand manual and tried to transfer all of the elements I loved from my previous designs onto this new poster concept. Immediately I loved it and knew it was my best design so far and that it would be my final poster concept after a bit of work.

At first I really struggled to find a place to put the logo however after lots of trial and error and asking opinions I found that having it on it’s side at the top was the best idea (someone noted that the logo had it’s own twist.) I also found that my older logo worked best in this design with a slight drop shadow on it. This made it stand out more which I believe was the issue before while not looking too blocky and stand out which I think was the issue with the previous black and yellow logo.

After I had these three posters done I begun work properly on the brand manual and really enjoyed it all. I took a lot of inspiration from the easyGroup manual found here as I had never looked at brand manuals before and was unsure about what to include. I did however spend a lot of time looking at what things made up my company and how I felt they could be shown in certain ways and what I believed was their ‘traits’.

My full finished manual can be found here. Although it took longer than I hoped overall I am so proud of it’s outcome and what it looks like. I think it is one of my strongest pieces of work I have done and it has made me feel really positive about the next project.


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