We are now beginning a new social design brief to create an interactive wall that collects and displays data as well as brings people together. It’s a pair project as there will probably be a lot of coding but I am quite looking forward to learning about it all.

In theory, the wall would be placed in the library so for primary research I decided to go into the library myself and identify what all the floors contained, we used for and the kind of atmosphere they contained. This would give me an idea of where the wall would be and what kind of thing it could be. This is the diagram I came up with.


Through this I identified a lot of things, the main one being that the wall would have to be put on floors M, 1 or 2 as these were the most active areas that had designated ‘social spaces’. The rest of the floors were either completely quiet due to people working or entrances. I also found through this that the wall’s interative-ness would have to be incredibly short as people have to want to take part but they don’t want to take time out of their day as even the people who weren’t necessarily doing work were busy with friends etc.

One of the major issues that we would face in the library was the amount of separate groups and individuals in there. This would be a problem as we would hope that everyone would come together to participate in the interactive wall and this was one of the main objectives.

Because of all of this our initial idea was something that would bring everyone together while identifying where people are from as the university is very diverse. According to WhatUni 12% of students are international and The Complete University Guide shows that the main three areas are all from different continents so finding a way to collect and show this to me would create an incredibly effective design.

We decided to look at hands as a means of communication because of how they relate to community and identity. We looked into the Unity Handprint Wreath as it symbolises unity between cultures and we really liked the mixed coloured hands and they’re overlapping nature however we knew we wanted to avoid skin colour and focus more on countries.

We also looked at hand murals such as the ones below for inspiration as this was the kind of effect we wanted with our wall in terms of visuals. Below is also an initial sketch I did as a layout for what I want our wall to look like in terms of the button selection and the hand placement.

sketchbook2.jpgThe next step in this project for me is to look at the website Learning Processing and look at some of Shiffman’s examples as well as videos to get a better understanding of coding in general before taking on the challenge of making our wall.


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