When we began making the wall me and my partner John decided that we wanted to go down two different paths and work individually. For me this wasn’t an issue as I do work better creating things on my own however I was looking forward to seeing what we could create together.

None the less I began to work on my wall bit by bit and found the website ‘learningprocessing.org’ incredibly helpful throughout the whole thing.  I found a generic set up for a button and structured it so it brought up my image when clicked. This is the following code.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 17.08.46.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.48.35.png

After this the main task in hand was to repeat this action for all of the different button categories. This was relatively easy in terms of repetition however I did come across a few issues along the way such as each hand coming up on every click or the buttons not working. Most these issues were solved using the ‘else’ clause which was put after every button.
In order to duplicate the buttons I had to establish lots of variables at the beginning of the code which would then continue through the whole code. This was very repeitive but was a reasonably simple process.


The end code consisted of 3 main sections. These being the establishing of variables, the draw code where the buttons and actions were established and then the mouse pressed code. This meant that to look at, although it was long, it was quite easy to understand and I do think this organisation of the code has helped remove my fear of coding and processing as it was something I believed to be quite daunting and challenging.

I think in general this task has really helped me to not avoid things such as coding and to just embrace them. It was quite challenging as it’s something i’ve never done and we had a reasonably short deadline for this brief. I am also quite impressed with the outcome although I have yet to try it on the wall with the leapmotion software.


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