Jasmine Johnson is an artist who predominantly works in video portraiture and has produced some amazing work, however when she came in to talk to us about Globalisation she specifically talked about her work with the Diomede islands and their relationship with the rest of the world.

These two islands (Big and Little Diomede) are sometimes called Yesterday and Tomorrow island. This is because they are separated by the international date line and each island ‘belongs’ to a different country even though they are only separated by just over 2 miles and have a combined area of less than 15 miles, with Little Diomede being only 2.8sq miles. This in itself was incredibly interesting as we often forget that these kinds of places exist which in itself goes against what globalisation suggests.

Before going into detail about the islands themselves Johnson went into detail about GMT and capitalism. She explained how the reason these two islands are separated by 21 hours is down to the date line which was created in order to have universal time. She then explained how this was down to having markets that were in sync and for world trade and the stock exchanges of the world to run smoothly. This in itself was quite a fascinating point as the whole world is separated by time and yet much of it is created in order for our markets to run. It gives GMT a much more cynical and negative connotation as it suggests that it is a direct relation to capitalism and the exploitation from the elite. This then turns the concept of Globalisation on it’s head as it suggests that it is there in order for people to gain and only goes as far as it needs to.

Another area where I feel like idea of Globalisation is only for gain is in relation to the Bering Straight Crossing. This is something that’s been goes back through the 20th century and is a hypothetical bridge or tunnel that would span through the Diomede islands and connect Russia to America. When Jasmine mentioned this in her talk a great quote was mentioned, this being ‘Cities that were once in the middle of nowhere are now the centre of world culture.’ However I do slightly disagree with this as I feel like as much as they would be connected now through this crossing the islands themselves, including their small population and cultures, would be narrowly thought of and that some of this would actually be lost in the creation of a crossing which supports the idea that Globalisation is great as far as it has gain.

Overall I found Jasmines talk incredibly interesting as it was less about design and more geography and history which are areas that I find quite fascinating. I feel like in terms of globalisation it showed me that it may not all be positive as although she spoke about these islands being connected to the world she also mentioned about their culture being very different to the rest of the world. Although globalisation may increase their potential it will also loose and go against a lot of their values and cultures. The talk also showed me that a lot of the time things are done for the purpose of gaining something and I feel like that is what globalisation is doing in this day and age.



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