My wall was one of the first to be finished so I managed to get quite a lot of people to use my wall with the leap motion software. I also had the opportunity for people to use my wall both on the laptop as a display or on the actual wall as an interactive installation. I think this gave me a lot of really balanced feedback as not only did it give different scale buttons etc but it also gave the opportunity for lots of different people to use it with a variety of leap motion experience.

Overall I really enjoyed seeing my wall being used and I felt like it achieved what I wanted it too as it had the potential to have a really quick interactive element that made people feel like part of a group as well as it looking quite appealing, especially when there was more hands on the wall.

The only issue that seemed to show when people were participating in the instillation was that leap motion wasn’t the easiest thing to use as it’s controls in the ‘touchless’ app were quite difficult to use and distinguish between. Because of this the actual ‘clicks’ that needed to be done on the buttons were often quite hard to do as you couldn’t always get the placement of the click right and the gesture for this (a forward ‘stab’ movement) often got picked up as something different and opened other things on my mac. An easy solution to this could be to make the buttons larger however I feel like this would detract from the design and it did work well when not used with the leap motion.

If i were to take this further I would look into other technology that could be used alongside my interactive wall as I feel like the leapmotion took away and distracted from the actual piece. It also made what should be a quick interaction into quite a long process unless people had a lot of previous experience with the software.

Like i mentioned before, I did really love this project and the sense of achievement when I saw it on the wall was really nice.

I definitely want to try coding again for a different kind of application as I do feel like an interactive wall is a very specific kind of coding required. I did really enjoy the whole process though and the fact it was an interactive wall was a complete new idea to me.


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