After working on illustrator drawing in a skills set last year I decided to buy a graphics tablet and my choice was the Wacom Intus Art tablet. Since this point I have been trying to improve my skills in my free time and try to use it to aid my drawing as I feel this is an area I am particularly week at.

ice-lolly-1One of the first things I did was simple drawing that involved solid colour and allowed me to play with different brushes and drawn type which is another area I would like to improve on. I really did enjoy just drawing and playing around with my own ideas and no clients as it meant I had full creative freedom and it didn’t have to be perfect which was ideal as I was doing it just to improve anyway.

I then tried to incorporate it into freelance work I was doing for a builder at the time and tried to draw a few different tools. This had to be much more ‘perfect’ which I didn’t mind as I felt a lot more experienced by this point. I also used these as an opportunity to play with the fill’s of the different shapes created and as you can see I ended up going with one of the ‘metal’ gradients that are included in illustrator.

Since this point I have been trying to continue to use my graphics tablet with most tasks on illustrator and it has become second nature now for me to use it which is what I wanted. I also feel incredibly confident that I can use it to replicate a lot of different things now.

Most recently I used my tablet to create Christmas cards for some of my friends which was something I never would have dreamed about a year ago. I feel incredibly proud of myself at how far I have come with digital drawing.



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