As i had no prior knowledge of illustrator before starting university, i didn’t have a strong confidence to explore the program or use new techniques therefore in my spare time i knew i needed to improve my skills and looked into a lot of different tutorials both on youtube and on other sites. Through my research I discovered the use of the appearance panel and its importance in illustrator.

The main point I picked up were just how useful and flexible the appearance panel is and how much control it gives you over individual items. The elements I used this on was strokes and fills which I learnt you can create multiple of each. I also learnt that each one of these elements can have different effects put on it such as transforms, warps and stylise. This is one of my most used features of illustrator now as I love creating interesting drop shadow looks with the transform > move command on the back fill layer. Examples of that can be seen in some of my freelance work below.

One of my favourite things I created using the appearance window was creating the appearance of engraved/burnt type in wood. I did follow a tutorial for this however I do feel like a lot of the techniques I used/learnt I have been able to carry on throughout my work.


Through my learning of the appearance window I immediately felt more confident in illustrator and felt like the work i created was took to a new level. I am very excited to continue to improve my practice and hope I can just improve from here.



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