The talk from Steve was amazing. I had already heard of him slightly and to have a talk from a man with his experience. He has been an illustrator for 20 years although studied fine art and has dabbled in video art and animation. He’s done most things in the illustration field, from being headhunted by an illustration agent and animation company to working for newspapers and making music videos. His resume is incredible.

Something that really inspired me with Steve’s work was that you could see in everything how influenced he was by everything in his childhood. He spoke about this a lot at the beginning of his talk and how he loved comics, superheroes, dinosaurs and dr who and this showed through in the rest of his work. This is something I always struggle with however I would love to show a lot more of my childhood influences in my work.

He also spoke about specific events in his past, one of which being 9/11. He spoke about having to create an illustration for an editorial piece in half hour after the event happened. This showed me that sometimes deadlines and pressures are going to be unexpected and immense and thats just something that we need to accept in the creative industry. He also made a point of saying not everything can be a masterpiece and that really resonated with me as I personally really thrive for perfection  so this was really reassuring.

He also spoke about the difference between working in TV and Advertising as opposed to working more independently. Although with tv and ad work you have a big team and big budget you suffer in terms of control. This is something that doesn’t overly phase me personally as I really like working with certain restrictions I think it pushes me further however Steve found it very restricting so ended up having a lot of different side projects.

Steve’s overall portfolio is immense. He has directed animations, actually animated, done illustrations for newspapers and magazines and most recently books. The Dennis the Menace books were amazing and such an inspiration as like I mentioned before, comic books were a huge influence of Steve when he was growing up so to illustrate one was incredible. The act of fulfilling a dream like that is a life long goal for me but I would love to do it.

Overall Steve’s talk was really inspiring. His down to earth nature with his impressive portfolio made it feel like the kind of things he had done were actually possible. His playful nature in his work like adding small references was really fun and interesting and something I would definitely like to do in my own work.



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