When we got given the two briefs for both D&AD and RSA I was initially drawn to the RSA brief about unity. I feel like this was because it was quite easy in terms of creating ideas and the outcome could be less of a high standard in my eyes and challenging for me. Because of this I decided to step out of my comfort zone as take the D&AD brief about paper and social media. This was scary for me as I initially had no ideas for this task and the idea of it being a professional looking outcome scared me a lot but I feel like it was better for me in the long run to improve myself.

After we had decided what brief to do we split into the two briefs and broke down our chosen brief into words and discussed our own ideas and thoughts. For me this was incredibly helpful as I feel like our group works really well together and our comments bounced well off each other. It was also something i’d never really done with people in a group situation or really done at all in that level of detail so it was really refreshing and exciting to do. The posters we created can be seen below and our presenatation can be seen here.


Splitting the brief into distinctive words really helped my understanding about what the brief was actually asking rather than things such as ‘keep it on brand’ which to me wasn’t an important factor that I needed to think about at this stage. We followed the structure that D&AD set out of 16 to 8 to 4 to 2 words and I think this was really helpful as we realised that a lot of our words were quite similar and represented the same feelings.


For me the 2 words we ended up with perfectly displayed what the brief meant to me. Connection was a summary of communication and personal as we felt that both of them gave an overall connection with the audience and that the participants for the event would need to feel a connection in order for it to be successful. I also felt like this is where experience came in because not only is paper a physical thing that you experience but in order for people to want to participate it would have to give them an experience.


We also decided to look at all the things that people did on the networks that we were given as this would better our understanding of the brands and the interactions we could base our work upon. This was where I began to think about using facebook as I think that it is the most exciting as it’s got so many different directions that could be taken as well as it being the one that I use the most.


The last sheet we created was the ‘ideas’ page. This was where every idea that came in our head was put just simply to make room for the better ideas and also get out ideas that are already things such as ‘photobooks’ as well as things that could be inspiration for future ideas such as filters and stamps.

Like i mentioned before, this exercise for me was incredibly helpful in simply breaking down the brief as well as taking away some of the pressure of it being a competition which I think was quite prominent in the beginning. However, it didn’t overly help me with generating ideas apart from leading me onto thinking about the nostalgic element of paper. Because of this I am going to do more research and brainstorms into facebook and the relationship people have with their childhood and paper.

After this we did a little bit of research on Arjowiggins and the company they are. We found that they make ‘creative papers’ that are designed to be printed on. They have a lot of different technologically impressive papers such as one that feels like skin as well as more things such as labels and bank notes. Something I found interesting about them as a company was that they create a lot of ‘eco-papers’ which means that the issue of papers being non eco friendly could no longer be an issue. This whole research into the company really helped with what possibilities we had.

We created a presentation at the end of this discussion which can be seen here.


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