After our initial discussions I didn’t really know where to go except for the nostalgia aspect. Because of this I started by just asking people what they did as kids regarding paper. I could relate to a lot of things such as paper chain people and writing stories however there were a few things that really resonated with me, one of which being about writing nice things about people in her class. sketchbook1 copy.jpgScreen Shot 2017-04-02 at 13.57.43

The two things that stood out about me with this particular story was that not only did it mean so much that she kept it for so long but that if it would have been the same if it was written digitally. These are both things things I am going to  in my head throughout the rest of the process.

My next part of research was based on the two words we found in our previous task: connectedness and experience. I realised the best way to connect with my audience was to find out why they use social media. In many different articles I found a collection of reasons with the most relevant to me being: meeting new people around the world, user friendly, joining groups with shared interest and free to use. Because of this I want to make sure that my final outcome fulfils some of these needs as it’s target audience is social media users.

After I had completed this research I did a quick brainstorm of ideas in order to mainly get the first few ideas out of my head. I focused quite heavily on the idea that paper is more special than digital and I think this is the direction I am going to follow in some way.

sketchbook2 copy.jpg

I also thought about the pay it forward movement as this is something that connects people much like I am trying to do. I have brainstormed a few ideas about facebooks ‘reacts’ feature and whether I could link this to pay it forward.

I think my next step is going to be a survey as I find this a very good form of primary research from my target audience. I plan to ask about facebook, how the audience use it specifically and then more about pay it forward to see if this could be a viable thing to use as the basis of my project.



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