My next step of the journey was to create a survey and ask my target audience – facebook users – some questions about the project. Not only to see if the current idea I have about using pay it forward was appropriate but if there was anything that I could rule out, for example if people would be willing to give their address to facebook. I was very lucky and got 250 results for my survey which was incredibly helpful.

The majority of questions were just to get an idea of my audience such as why they predominantly use facebook, if they can imagine their life without it and if they’d personally find the campaign interesting. All these answers weren’t surprisingly shocking with most people using messenger and 75% being able to live without it.

The more specific questions I asked such as if people would give their address weren’t too shocking either with 79% saying they wouldn’t which was what I was expecting to an extent. I also asked people if they’d heard of pay it forward which about half said they hadn’t. This isn’t a major issue for me as I feel like I can easily explain the idea within the project. I also asked if people believed paper was more special than digital as this was one of the aspects I really liked from my previous research. Most people did say that they thought it was more special which has reinforced my key idea in this project.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 19.27.12

There was also quite a lot of quotes that I pulled out from various questions that I feel are incredibly interesting. Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 19.24.33

Overall this survey really helped with giving me a better understanding of my audience and their opinions on facebook, paper and pay it forward as an initiative. I also got some really good key quotes and interesting ideas that I really want to keep in mind when I begin designing. My next steps are going to be looking at brainstorming some ideas and scampimg out some concepts as I have lots of ideas at the moment and want to get them all down on paper.


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