My main idea for this project stems from giving the like more meaning by it being in paper. This comes from the idea that paper is more special than digital which was confirmed in my survey. It is at this point that i’m torn between two concepts – one playing on the keepsake element of paper and one playing on the pay it forward initiative. I decided to get my ideas down on paper to try to decide which one I preferred.

ideas page

It was only really at this point that I had lots of ideas that I couldn’t try and fit into the same project and that I was overcomplicating the whole idea. I decided to go back to a task we did last year and the beginning of the year which was scamping out lots of ideas in a specific timeframe. I gave myself the task of having only one strict objective in each idea I scamped out. Most of them were based on a card system that would even be given out or bought.

2 scamps copy4 scamps copy

Through this I decided that my strongest idea that I like the most is having a card that was given out saying ‘i like this’ which people would give to people they wanted to compliment in the street which that person would then pass on. I also liked the idea of being able to track where the card had been.

main idea

With this idea feeling quite solid my next plan is to do some research into similar concepts and ideas and see how that can help my assist my designing. I really want to get designing as soon as possible as I am getting very caught up in research and discussion at the moment. I do also want to get a very strict objective to the project as I feel like this will help me understand it all better.


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