Having a skill set on type and layout was something that I was immediately interested in and signed up as soon as I can. It was taken by Alex who works in the Guildford Street Press and as I am currently doing my internship I felt like the information was even more valuable. It was much more of a lecture style lesson rather than workshop based which is what our skills sets usually are however I think for this lesson it was much more valuable this way.

The main points that were covered were:

  • Importance of grids
  • Balance on the page
  • Breaking rules
  • Contrast on the page
  • Legibility of type
  • Hierarchy
  • Controlling type including type alignment
  • Use of typefaces
  • Paragraph Styles
  • Colour association

Obviously as you can see we covered a lot of different things and unlike a lot of previous skills sets and workshops all these things were either new to me or things i’d avoided such as grids. Grids especially were something that I knew i would eventually be expected and need to use however I was scared to use them and didn’t quite know how. Alex showed examples of obvious grid use as well as more complex ones and answered a lot of questions such as how do we know how many columns to use which was incredibly helpful.screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-15-09-46

Another thing she showed us was paragraph styles. Much like grids this was something I knew about and knew I would need to use if I ever went into a more book based industry however I hadn’t overly used them before and was comfortable with how I did things. The main thing alex gave us out of this was just how simple it was to use and control them and how flexible they then make your work. I was very guilty of creating lots of different text boxes for every piece of text however I knew this was bad and I think paragraph styles will help me to stop doing this.

Alex also showed us how do do all of these things really simply as well as lots of little ways to do other things such as optical margin alignment, controlling text by showing hidden figures and using soft returns to stop paragraph breaks. All of these tips and tricks have given me a lot more confidence in InDesign as a whole and make me feel a lot more professional in how I use it.

I am incredibly grateful for this skills set as it has set me up with a lot of professional tools that I will now carry throughout all my work and my future in industry. If anything I wish that I had had this skills set a lot earlier.


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