Now I have my main idea I decided that I needed to some more specific research into similar concepts to mine. The main things I looked at were: trading card games, geocaching, MIND, compliment cards and the hopeful notes. Each of the things I found out from these are listed below.

Trading Card Games (Yu Gi Oh/Pokemon)


This is where I saw the most similarities to my own project as it’s bought card packs however they are done as a ‘collection’ although there are trading elements.

  • Packs of 8 – 10 cards
  • £2.99 – £3.99 in price
  • Trade cards with friends
  • Buy premade decks
  • Buy accesories
  • Booster Packs, Starter Deck, Structured Decks, Collectible Tins all available to purchase
  • Different ‘generations’ of cards
  • Promo cards given away with various purchases – This is one of the things I am really interested in as I feel this is something that could work well with my project.



  • Find containers via GPS
  • Sign logbook to say you’ve found it
  • Trade items in, often more sentimental that money wise – This is what I found most interesting about this as it very much plays on the concept I am interested in
  • Can leave comments about the boxes online for whoever placed the box

MIND Mental Health Charity


This was a suggestion from classmates to look at as my idea could help with mental health. The things I found out very much backed this up.

  • Accepting compliments – Looking over them when you’re doubting yourself can help with mood
  • Comparing ourselves isn’t realistic and social media doesn’t help with this

Compliment Cards

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 21.04.16

  • ‘Funky’ designed cards with nice/motivational quotes on.
  • Designed to be given out much like my idea
  • Watercolour type design
  • ‘your smile is contagious’ ‘thankyou’ ‘hello lovely’

The Hopeful Notes


  • An initiative to encourage people to leave happy things on post it notes in public
  • Compliments/Quotes/Phrases
  • Twitter account to share notes you find or place
  • #TheHopefulNotes

All my research was really interesting and has gave me a lot of different ideas that I could include in my own project and has also helped me think about how the cards are going to be distributed.

My research also helped me come up with a strong objective which simply is ‘to give a meaning to the ‘like’ and to spread happiness and kindness through pay it forward.

I’m really excited by this project as I think it has a lot of potential to be really creative and well done. My next steps are to name the project and create some strong initial designs.


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