My progress in this project was very dependant on the last crit and much like I anticipated it brought up two issues. Those being how the cards would be circulated and then how people would find out about these. My initial thinking was that I could give the cards out myself and perhaps turn that into a ‘social experiment’ type video which could be published on facebook however since the crit i’ve realised that they would probably need to be sold and advertised accordingly. This is where I came up with the idea of a ‘facebook style’ video that could be circulated on facebook to build up hype so people will buy the cards.

I decided to try and write a script based on my own experience of being visually impaired and my friends doing nice things for me and how much they meant. This lead on to an ‘action speak louder than words’ approach.

After planning out the video I felt like I was very much going round in circles so I decided to go onto premier pro and start editing a video together. With this video very much had an idea of how I wanted it to turn out and in practice it was not looking the way that I had planned. I also really struggled with concluding the video and finding a good rhythm which was also the issue when trying to plan on paper. I also found that I was still very much struggling to find one solid objective with this idea which had been a clear issue throughout this whole project so far.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 16.41.18.png

As I felt like I was going round in circles and not improving the current idea I decided to stop editing the video, put it to the side and go back to my initial research to brainstorm again. When I initially started this project I fell into my normal habit of being very invested in my first idea, which was the cards, and very much had tunnel vision. Because of this I felt like my mind was a lot more open during this second brainstorm and although I was theoretically at the beginning of the project again it felt a lot better.

I decided to come up with an objective first as I believe this is one of the issues I had before as I had the idea, the cards, and was then trying to fit an objective into that rather than have the outcome come from the objective. I realised that my objective could be as simple as ‘to get people to send letters again’

I brainstormed further and came up with a poster campaigned that was quite witty around this new objective.


At the moment I feel like this campaign could be quite strong however I don’t think it’s the best idea I could come up with. I think I might wait before doing any digital work on this particular idea as I would like to try and come up with a new idea around the same concept.


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