Not long after I came up with my previous idea for a poster campaign around the objective of ‘sending letters’ I came up with a new idea that started from the idea of pin boards and scrap books. As a uni student I realised that most university accommodation has pin boards or if not most students and teenagers have memory boxes or scrap books where they keep things they cherish. This is where I came up with the idea for a video encouraging people to just create things for each other. For me, this idea felt very broad initially however I feel like the simplicity of it is makes it much more effective than a more complicated concept like the cards.

I decided to write a creative brief as early as I could in the journey of this new idea as I knew it would really help cement my idea and make me feel a lot more secure. I did find it a lot easier for this idea to create the whole brief which showed me that this idea was a lot stronger than anything I had come up with before. I also came up with a proposition really easily which is ‘create to cherish’. I think this really summarises the whole project in a short snappy way which is perfect to round off the video.

My main idea for the video is to have an interview/buzzfeed like setting and have a group of my friends come in and talk about their most cherished items, preferably paper to link it back to arjowiggins. I would like it to be quite short and in the ‘facebook’ style in the hope of it going potentially viral. I tried my best to story board it however the final edit was much more dependant on the footage I got as I wanted all the speech to be the subjects natural response to questions and not structured in anyway.

I have previously looked into film and knew roughly what shot types I wanted however I do want to look into videos of similar style such as those from Buzzfeed and CutVideo in order to understand the way that they are structured and set out. I also knew the importance of music in a video like this so want to look into that further. I think this is going to be my next step but I am really excited now to take this further.


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