Since changing my idea and having the plan to make an interview style facebook video I decided to do some research in the area to learn about the conventions and techniques.

I looked in to Allure, Buzzfeed and Cut Video for my main bulk of research as these are often the videos you see on facebook and they do do a lot of the interview style videos I was trying to mimic. Most of the things I found were just things I picked up on such as the lighting being soft, predominantly a grey or white background and soft music in the background.

One of the things I wanted to focus on were how they were shot ie. shot type, as I already had an idea on how I wanted to shoot mine but I wanted to see if this was a common way of shooting and if there was anything else I could do. What I found is that every video seemed to have a different way of shooting depending on the company and the topic. For instance there was one video that was shot purely on the upper half of the body however it had lots of full body shots and body pans within in. One thing I did notice throughout that was although quite a few of the videos were shot using the midshot that I wanted to use they also had intersections of various other camera angles and shot types, such as the full body pan I mentioned.

There was one particular video by Buzzfeed that alternated between a straight on shot and a side on shot. I really liked how it felt like one continuous stream of video still but it didn’t feel so static or boring and kept it interesting. I also really loved the structure of this particular Buzzfeed video as it felt like it really flowed and although the video is almost 4 minutes long it didn’t feel like it at all. This video was also structured in a question and answer format which is what I am aiming to do and although I wasn’t a major fan of the pop up question screens I really liked how the answers worked without them and they meant that the three people being interviewed were talking about the same topics at the same time and it felt incredibly cohesive. The full video is below.

Nearly all the videos I looked at all had extremely natural and comfortable behaviour which I really hope to capture. They also all had a quick title screen to give a summary of the video and an end screen that had the same music over the top. All the videos also ended on a really happy and simple point which I feel is incredibly important for my specific topic. Although I plan to have ‘create to cherish’ on my end screen I do think that the actual video clips need to come to an end in a happy and round about way which I hope to get when I have my shoot.

I did quite a bit more specific research about each video such as shot length of each video which can be found in my sketchbook.

I think the research I did was incredibly helpful as it’s given me more of a broader understanding of the different ways to film a video like this and shown me whats best to do. I think i’m definitely going to use two cameras, one with a sideways angle like the Buzzfeed video and read out my questions so I can always use them if I want to in the editing process.
I can’t wait to film my video and see the outcomes!


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