Within my research stage I realised that I needed more of a connection to arjowiggins as my idea was just centred around getting people to create in general. It was then that I decided to create some sort of pack that people could order from arjowiggins or facebook that contained things like paper, stickers, envelopes and maybe pens or paper that would give people the tools they needed to follow through with the create to cherish proposition. I also decided this could be the point where I incorporate the personalisation that I wanted from the beginning of the project.

After discussing with the class everyone thought it was a good idea and I decided that I could create an ‘end screen’ on the video that could advertise the pack and direct people to the link where they could get the pack.

To begin this process I decided to create a PDF page for each page of the ‘pack’ that I could then insert into an after effects project and animate. For this I decided to make the front cover, sticker page, a plain page and an envelope, my main focus however was the front cover and a sticker set and these were the most unique items and needed the most design work.

I decided to link the sticker set to my earlier idea of the reactions and link each sticker to a different reaction. This meant they would be quite funny, unique and link facebook with arjowiggins. I decided to make the stickers in illustrator and then make up the page in indesign, much like the other pages. I had a lot of fun making these and hopefully I can make these into real stickers at some point.

As for the rest of the pages, these were a lot more simple and were mainly just created for the purpose of displaying them on the end screen. There were created on indesign which is a program I am very much familiar with now thats to my internship at the Guildford Street Press. I also created a mock up of how I wanted my end screen to look with all the pages included before stepping into After Effects as I was 100% new to the program and wanted to be as prepared as possible having a very strong idea of what I wanted to do.

Once I created all my pages it was time to go into After Effects. I had never even opened the program before so was absolutely terrified of ever working on it. I used to tutorial online to gain a slight understanding of the program in general and I do think that having a strong understanding of the reset of the adobe programs did also help. Luckily my idea was just to have the pages come into the page from the left of the screen and stop in the position in the image above which was quite simple in terms of editing as it only involved movement. I ended up completing the project quite quickly with my only major issue being controlling the speed as it’s quite hard to work out the speed that the final exported video will be at. I ended up exporting the video quite a few times but I managed to get quite a few speeds to work with.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 14.22.33

The full animation from After Effects can be seen here.

I then had to work with the sequence in Premier Pro to create the words that I wanted at the beginning of the end screen. This was quite simple as I knew how to create titles in premier pro. I struggled slightly bringing in the animation to premier pro and probably did it in a much more complicated way than would be possible but it worked well in the end. The full end screen with premier pro animation can be seen here.

I am quite happy with how the animations worked and was very proud of myself for using After Effects for the first time. I was quite glad it was a simple project as it helped me get my bearings in the program so I now feel a lot more comfortable for the next time I need to use it and I feel like I could push the boundaries in the program a lot more now. In terms of it’s use with Premier pro I think I am more confident in both programs now and can definitely work with them both hand in hand better. This is only going to improve once I begin editing my film in Premier Pro.

Once I showed my animation in a crit with the class and lecturer it was mentioned that I could potentially make a more handmade feeling end screen and that it may go with the theme of the project more and I do agree to an extent however my next plans are going to be to plan my film shoot and then shoot and edit the video so if I have time that may be something I look into however at this current moment it is not a priority. I also think that the slick look of this end screen fits in quite well with Facebook’s style of branding which is predominantly where this video would be featured.

I am really glad I did this pack as it’s really connected arjowiggins to facebook and the idea as a whole. I also think it’s really allowed me to push not only my creative ideas in terms of coming up with ideas for the stickers but i’ve also used a lot of digital skills in this project in InDesign, Illustrator, Premier Pro and After Effects.


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