Before beginning my shoot I used a few of the techniques I had used in my college photography course and drew out a lighting diagram. This was more for peace of mind and so other people could understand how I wanted it too be. It was at this stage that I fully decided I wanted two cameras and that I wanted my models to be sat down. This would mean that the camera would be able to remain stationary and that height wouldn’t effect the shot types. I also fully decided on my shot types and decided that I wanted to get a shot of everyones objects up close as well as the other shots so I could intersect this into the film.


I also decided on some questions that I wanted to ask my models.

  • Name and Object
  • Where did you get it from?
  • Why does it mean so much to you?
  • Why have you kept it?
  • Do you think you’re going to create more physical things for people? Why?
  • How would it be different if it was digital?

After discussing with the class we decided that I didn’t really need the name of the person and they would all be more comfortable without it. We also realised that the double phrased question with a ‘why’ wasn’t really appropriate and could be rephrased. Because of this I rephrased all my questions and ended up with the following:

  • What is your item?
  • Why is it important to you?/Why have you kept it?
  • Where do you keep it?
  • Why are physical things important to you?

My main aim with the questions was too encourage conversation and I believed these questions would encourage a good and hopefully in depth response.

My shoot was actually planned for after an industry friday talk so I knew that lots of people would hopefully be in. Unfortunately the talk ran over which meant we had less time but I could definitely still work with it. Luckily my course mates were really helpful and not only volunteered as models/subjects but they also helped a lot with coordinating the shoot.


I did end up using a grey background much like the videos I had looked at before as I felt it was the softest and least distracting. I also ended up only using 3 lights as opposed to 4 but I think it still gave the same effect. I did use photography lights rather than video lights which gave the whole filming a slightly yellow tinge but I think it still worked incredibly. Apart from a mishap with one of the cameras/tripods the whole shoot went really well and I had 5 people including myself which was amazing.

I really look forward to editing the video as I think it will be incredibly interesting to see the footage and what I can do with it. I’ve only really used premier pro in college so it will be a real learning curve to try and produce a professional video.


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