Once we had done the shoot I had quite a lot of footage that needed condensing. I also had the issue that I had a lot more footage from some people than I did others. This was okay though as I was able to intersect these clips in between the larger clips to break them up a bit.

My main idea for the video was to have my voice saying the questions and then have each persons response with intersections from the side cam and the close ups however, this wasn’t as practical once I had the footage as I ended up asking a few variations of the questions and the audio wasn’t the best, especially of my voice. Because of this I decided to forget the idea of having my voice and just having each person talk. This also worked really well in terms of having a variety of responses from very in depth to very short as I was able to juggle things around and have them make sense in the narrative without having to include the specific response from each question.

I also decided not to include the close ups as they felt very forced and in the shots I actually ended up getting you could see the item very clearly anyway. I also felt like some of the shots felt very natural with how the models were interacting with their items and having those moments as opposed to the close ups felt a lot more realistic and fitting.

One of the issues I had while editing was the very yellow colour. This was down to using the incorrect lights while filming. Although not a massive issue it meant that the footage from the two cameras was different, as the second camera was a different make and dealt with the light differently. I did initially plan to use two of the same cameras but this didn’t go to plan. Although I could have changed this in the editing, due to the nature of the film it was incredibly hard and would look overly blue or green so I decided that the original colour was the best idea. It was also quite grainy as the main camera kept shooting on an extremely high ISO, again probably down to incorrect use of light, however this again was something that I decided was okay and not worth the amount of time it would have taken to degrain all of the clips in after effects. I did try this but the export time was so high for each clip it would have taken an extremely long time simply to export them.

The sound was also not the best however once I added music this was a lot less of an issue as it covered a lot of the background fuzzing noises caused by the lights and general background noise. I did also put a denoiser on in premier pro which helped a lot too. I changed the background music quite a few times as initially it was quite sad and dreary but I did think it fitted quite well. However, once I did change the music, I knew the previous music wasn’t right and I eventually found the perfect music on YouTube’s Audio Library.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 15.55.56

Apart from these technical issues the main problem was that once the video was edited I found that D&AD called for the video to be 2 minutes or less. This meant I had to cut the video down from 2:25. This wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought because I was able to cut out a lot of the ‘erms’ and long pauses. I do actually think this made it a lot cleaner and I didn’t loose any content at all. The only issue was that I had to cut the initial title screen down, however I think it’s still long enough to read. The first draft of the film is below.


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