I am really proud of my final pieces for this project. After finishing the edit for the film I got some really strong feedback from course mates and other people in the design field as well as family and friends. I think it’s really impactful and completely conveys the message I wanted. The full video is below.

Along with this video I also submitted on JPEG explaining the pack and the processes behind it. This can be seen here.

pack page one

I choose not to include the envelope in this page as it wasn’t the strongest piece of design work and I mentioned envelopes in the text.

Overall i’m really proud of my submission. Although there are a few things I would have done differently such as use the proper lights and physically make the packs, I think my final pieces are very strong, especially as it’s my first ever live competition brief.

I think this whole project really helped me push my skills further both technically and mentally. Choosing this project in the first place was based on the fact I knew it was completely out of my comfort zone and would produce interesting results and I feel like both those things have happened, especially with my comfort zone. I was very unsure about this whole project half way through and think it could have taken a very different turn but the way it’s ended up is perfect and I’m proud of it and myself for it all.

I can’t wait to hopefully hear back from D&AD regarding my future in the competition but if not i’d love to compete every year I can.


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