The initial briefing of the Creative Enterprise unit was quite confusing as to what our specific job was and our place within the project. We were shown Michaels work, which was amazing, and given an understanding about fashion films. It was very interesting to look at as I have a personal interest in film and photography specifically.

Our first task was to group up with the fashion and photography students and discuss potential locations and themes for the shoot. My group had quite a lot of discussion about themes and we initially decided on two locations, the arcade in the galaxy centre with a very slick theme and wardown park with a natural feel. However, through our research we decided that the arcade idea was a lot stronger and very unique whereas the park felt quite ‘done before’ and ‘boring’. When we presented our ideas back we found that a lot of the other groups had decided to focus on wardown park which reinforced our decision to leave this. After our initial mood boards we were asked to take some location shots and actually go to our desired location which we had already done in our first mood board. Because of this we just focused more on our overall tone of voice. We actually got extremely good feedback from both Michael and Nicolo as well as the whole group which was really encouraging.

Our initial mood board and revised version are below.

After doing the mood boards we all had to interview the designers. This took a lot longer than planned due to Michael and Nicolo doing all the actual filming but it was interesting to talk to the actual designers we would be branding. I was fascinated by some of the designers which really fuelled me to want to do well as I believed that they deserved that.

After the interviews we were told that the final theme and location would be our proposal of the arcade. This was really uplifting and made me really excited about the whole project. I’m also really excited as now the theme has been chosen it means that we can focus on our side of the project which is the branding and advertising of the whole project. I think the arcade was definitely the strongest out of all the proposals, although slightly biased as it was my groups, and I can’t wait to see the images.


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