Once the theme was chosen we were separated from the other courses so we could focus on our own side of the project. This was very welcomed as we had spent a lot of time working on other things rather than the branding side of things although we had been meeting up outside of class time.

Our initial task for this project was to delegate jobs between us all as the creative enterprise unit was seen as the most realist experience and should be handled as if we were a whole agency as a class. This was probably one of the most difficult things that we’ve done this year as we had never worked together as a collaborative before and it was very hard to come to agreements. I think this is something that this project will help us improve on as it’s not something we’ve really had to deal with in terms of compromise and collaboration, especially in uni, although it is something that we are going to have to work with constantly in industry.

All i wanted within this project was to mainly focus on the creative and design rather than management or PR. I wasn’t actually present during the initial discussion of jobs however was quite happy to have been given the art director role with John as we have worked well together previously. I was slightly confused as some of the job descriptions didn’t match what I believed them to be but others believed them to be this. We were incredibly lucky to have had someone write out a full agency strategy which can be found here. I do think this was very strict in terms of job titles and roles which is not the way I believed it would work successfully as there is very few of us and if we stuck to our jobs to this level of detail there would be a lot of people waiting for other people to do things before they could move on.

We actually ended up revising the job titles quite a few times after this first discussion as we wanted everyone to have an equal amount of power and control as well as smaller tasks. We also wanted to make sure that the jobs were cemented and everyone knew what everyone was exactly doing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.56.56

We ended up having Areli, Sam and Ellise in charge of PR, Planning and Accounts with David, Me, John, Catalin and Anthony working on the actual designs. That was then split down to David, Catalin and Areli working on digital, Sam doing the website, Ellise doing the press release and Me, John and Anthony working on print. I was extremely happy with this split as I did want to work on the print outcomes however there was a lot of discussion to get to this point and it probably took a lot longer than we all would have liked. I also think that we are at a stage where we feel like everyones jobs can be fluid and if someone wants to do something they can. For me this is a major point as I want everyone to feel like they can do something and can be involved. I hope going forward this is something that will happen.

I am very glad that the jobs have been decided and now can’t wait to begin discussing the branding and design work.


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