After the job roles were decided we all went away and did some individual brainstorming on names, tone of voice, logos and deliverables. Personally I put a lot of my focus initially on nailing the tone of voice as this would set the tone for the rest of the work I did.

I looked into other fashion films such as the gucci spring summer 2016 video which I really loved as well as some more general photography. I really liked the free spirited nature of the video and feel like it is something that can definitely be carried over to our branding. I also looked at the artist Hetty Douglas. I loved how self aware and outlandish her work is and again, I think this is something that can be shown in our work and will make it have the edge that new fashion needs to have on it.

Overall the tone of voice I decided on was very outlandish, free spirited and self aware. This to me means that it would be quite ‘in your face’ but very aware of it and playful with it, not really like what I would call ‘proper models’. I also really liked the idea of focusing on the neon lights from the arcade and really playing with colour and contrast with black and white.

It was also at this point that I looked into deliverables just so we could get our brains in the right place and to stop a lot of confusion. The main three things I thought about alongside the print media were:

  • Press Release – potentially interactive
  • Strong digital presence – dedicated landing page, answering questions, spread the message, hashtag?
  • Special Events – Live stream, invites, influencers

This was mainly just so I could feel slightly more organised however I do think a lot of these delierables need to be discussed with the rest of the group so we can talk about what parts we like and what parts we don’t.

After going off and brainstorming individually we all came together to discuss what we had found/come up with. We ended up discussing both my tone of voice and Dave’s which was focused much more on the contrast between the colours rather than mine which was proposed to be much more fun and playful. We decided as a group to work with the two tone of voices for a little while and propose them to the fashion group and see which one they prefer. We then however decided that the two ideas could combine to creative a playful and mysterious vibe that used the bright colours to contrast against the darkness and stood out. I think this was actually quite close to where I started with my tone of voice and think it will work quite well in the project.

The next stage for us is to start brainstorming ideas for names and logos both individually and as a group. At this stage I think that were actually working quite well collaboratively as we’re having to meet up outside of uni time so people are much more conscious of how much work they’re getting done in the time so we’re much more focused. I also think it’s been really good how much people have been meeting up in general. I really look forward to where wer e going with this project now.




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