The presentation to Fashion went incredibly well last time however the only thing missing was the name. This was something that wasn’t majorly needed at that point however we knew we had to do get a name sorted in order to progress with the brand development.

This discussion actually took place with only a few of us present which meant that the previous issues faced with ‘too many cooks’ weren’t present and we actually got quite a lot done in a short space of time.

We went about the naming process using brainstorms and then going through each word individually and either crossing it out or putting it through. We’d then do another brainstorm of all the words we liked and maybe add a few more. I think this was actually a really good way of naming but after a while we did need to just come to a stop as we had created 3 mind maps and we’re beginning to just waste time.

We knew we wanted one word and we wanted it to be snappy and plosive. The two names we narrowed it down to were edge and electric. We were quite split down the middle in terms of our favourites with us initially leaving towards ‘electric’ because of how much fun we could have with the bright lights but after another discussion we were leaning more towards ‘edge’ as it was a lot more dynamic and felt a bit more like it fit our tone of voice. It was also less simple which in this case I think worked well.

Not all of the group were massive fans of this name and we also realised there was a nightclub in luton called the edge. We decided to stick with it anyone and did some mock logo designs however when we next spoke to viv she also showed her dislike for the name. Because of this and the previous concern we decided to go to our other choice, electric.

Everyone on board really like this name and we were beginning to move forward with the branding however, we then heard from the photography team that they had begun shooting on location at the arcade and found that they didn’t really like the look of how the pictures were turning out.

Because of this we had a big discussion about what direction we were going to go and if we were going to change the name/tone of voice again. After a long discussion we decided that it was probably best to change the current plan and as aggravating as it was to just cast off all of the work we had done previously I do think it was for the best and it gave us a clean slate to move on from.

We went back to our original plans and saw where we could adapt them and make them fit the theme that we understood the photoshoot were going with as we had seen a few photos at this point. We decided to go with the same kind of contrasting vibe but in a much more edgy and distruptive way.

We then started brainstorming like we had when we started the naming process however as there were quite a few more people involved it did get quite heated and there were lots of miscommunications. This being said we did eventually come to the name of Fragments as all the designs were parts of a whole. I personally wasn’t a massive fan of this initially as I really wanted emphasis on a short  and snappy word however from previous talks with Viv we knew that we could bring it all together with a strong tagline so we perceived with this. Collectively we came up with the phrase ‘Breaking Industry’ and it brought it all together.

I personally love the tagline because it brings the Fragments right back to the university and new talent. I want to make this a large part of the branding and marketing as I do really believe this is what pushes the name to the next level. I am really happy with the naming of the brand now and feel it really fits the images that we’ve seen from Michael’s shoot. The next stage for us is to create a logo and then move on to designing the actual promotional materials.



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