Out of the print team me and john decided to collectively work on the posters and although John initially wanted to work on the zine, I had slightly more advanced knowledge on indesign and he did enjoy being more experimental with the posters. That being said we both completed some poster designs for ourselves and would work on eachothers to improve them. This stage of the process was incredibly fun and I loved working with John so much as we get on really well and are both very much on the same page creatively.

Something that was very interesting in the work between John and myself was that we both have very different styles and I think this actually complimented the design work. My initial designs were very straight and clear cut whereas John’s were extremely experimental and ‘out there’. I think this worked as it meant that when we were working on eachothers designs they would end up at a very happy median between too crazy and too simple.

Two of my poster designs are below. One is all my work and the other an advancement to one of John’s idea. At this point we are still very much working on a front cover and poster all in one whereas I think we need to try and separate a front cover and work on that when the layout is finalised and see what works with that as we’d also spoke about having it wrap around the zine. The poster also needs a lot of information on it which is something that didn’t really have a place on any of John’s designs which is why they were leaning more towards front covers. Although these designs feel quite far away from finished I do think they are on the right tracks.

The next stage for us as the design team is to get the zine layout begun and speak about binding with Alex. I also think that working individually with me on the zine and John on the posters and then coming together will work really well so hopefully we can get into that position. This project is getting really exciting now.


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