For a while after the last meeting the creative enterprise unit was very stressful. As a group we didn’t fully understand what we were actually branding and the issues we had from the job titles were still on the surface. We very much started to struggle and waste a lot of time on things that really didn’t need much time at all. For example, me and John as the print team spent over half the day looking at colour pallets while the rest of the team looked at typefaces. But by the end of this we were no closer to producing the strong brand we had intended to create. We also found that during this process it was incredibly hard to come to decisions as there were so many opinionated people involved that a lot of the time we were going round in circles.

Once we had a clearer understanding of everything and had a stronger means of approach for this project we managed to make a lot of process. Something that we managed to do was the develop the tone of voice. We quickly realised that trying to do two different tone of voices parallel to each other was to complex, especially when they were quite similar in their nature. We brainstormed lots of surrounding words and settled on a tone of voice that was a mixture of the two, playful and fun but also quite mysterious and edgy. The actual words we’ve decided on to summarise the project is ‘Playful but Daring’. I personally love this whole proposition and think it’s going to work so well.


It was at this stage where we needed to structure a proposal presentation for the fashion department so decided to focus on what delieverables we were fully decided on and what the fashion department needed to see/know to understand the brand. 
The presentation we did involved mood boards to show the tone of voice, the proposition ‘Playful but Daring’, a slide on each of the deliverables and what we wanted to achieve with them and our general hopes for the project. I took the pitch and I am so happy with how it went. I was terrified initially and I feel like it went really professionally and Viv said we did her proud which is always reassuring. The whole department really liked our idea and proposition so I’m really excited to go forward with this project now.

The full presentation can be seen here: proposal presentation.


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