My plan with my Zine layout was to print it out and get feedback from both the class and lecturers, those being Alex and Viv. A lot of things became apparent as soon as I printed it such as the type being far too large however this is something that you can only really tell when it’s been printed. Another thing that was immediately obvious was the space for names. Although I think this is down to the type size as well, it meant that we would be unprepared if we had someone with a very long name. The last main feedback was the columns of long type being to thin. I think this showed badly as some of them were designed to be lists of names but were filled with placeholder text however I do think all the blocks of text looked different when printed. Typefaces for the quotes were also an issue however this was something I was unsure of in the first place and wanted more feedback/assistant with.

In terms of positive feedback, a lot of people said that it actually flowed really well. Apart from a few repeating pages which was hard to avoid due to only having a handful of images people said that it carried the same tone across the whole zine really well which was something I was really happy to have achieved.

It was however at this point that we were informed that each designer would only have one image and not two which meant that this zine design would have had to be pretty much completely redesigned as the two image pages would no longer work and I feel the full bleed pages would feel out of place opposite single image pages.

Alongside this we also managed to see Alex at this point who said many of the same points as Viv had regarding the print out. We discussed in detail the binding choices and for our budget she suggested just having loose pages folded together and potentially being bonded with an elastic band. At first John and I weren’t overly keen on this but after being shown an example we were very much on board. The example was quite a tall and thin shape and felt extremely nice to hold so I think we’re going to go for a similar kind of shape as that.

For the layout I decided to keep quite a slick design and try and keep my type incredibly small and subtle as not only did I receive the comments about large type on my last design but people also made a point that the type was distracting from the images which were of course the main focus.

I also did a new version of the front cover featuring a more of a wrap around design like me and John discussed before. Another thing I removed was the idea for a translucent page. This was mainly down to currently having 28 pages in the layout and wanting to cut it down to at least 24. Because of the translucent page it meant that we had to add at least another 4 pages (front and back) that would be on the translucent sheet as well as needing a normal page either side to show through. In the new layout I managed to cut the page number down to 20 which I am really proud of.

The full layout is here: layout with a few pages below.


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