As it was my ‘job’ to complete the zine layout I found it quite easy to just get it all done quite quickly and easy. The only obstacles at this point were only having a handful of images from the shoot and not knowing exactly how we were going to bind it. We also didn’t know quite what the budget was and obviously that would have quite a large impact on the size and page number as well as binding. We decided that we could work at a5 and have each designer on a double page spread or work closer to a4 and each designer have one page each.

In terms of layout John had worked quite a lot on planning out pages during the earlier stages of the project so we got together and spoke about what ones worked and what didn’t and if there was any running traits through the ones we liked that we could use as ‘rules’ almost. This is where we decided that it would probably be best to have an a4 zine with each designer having one page. Not only was this so we could have more freedom on the page but because  we found out each designer would only have either one or two images meaning that on a double page spread there would be potentially a lot of dead space. This did mean that our plan to have a lot of images overlapping pages that we had spoke about from the beginning of the project wasn’t going to work very well as they would overlap into another designers page.


It was also at this stage where we did a page layout plan which can be seen in the bottom right of the image. This was something i’d seen at my internship when working on the university prospectus. It was incredibly helpful at giving us an understanding of how many pages we would need as we’d been told there were 13 designers and we needed a few pages either side.

During this process we had the idea to include a transparent page that could have breaking industry on or a foreword about the project. We both absolutely fell in love with this idea and I think it’s going to look amazing. the only issue with this is that it means we’ve had to add a lot of extra pages to make space for the transparent one.

After talking to John and discussing our ideas I went on and designed the zine. For the front cover I simply used one of Johns poster/front cover designs that we both really liked, partly as a filler till we had a more final design and partly to see what it would actually look like. I also planned in all the single image pages to be a full bleed which was against what we had discussed but I think it looked best with the two image layout. The full zine layout can be found here: zine layout.

I really like how it turned out and my next step is going to print it out and get some feedback from the class. John and I have also planned to see Alex soon so we can discuss binding and printing which will help a lot.


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