After not having had a lot of feedback throughout the design process, our first lesson back at uni after the easter break was incredibly helpful not only because of feedback from the class but also from viv and her opinion on the whole project’s direction. Thankfully the opinion from the class and viv was positive with the main focus being on the posters. It was mentioned that the posters and the gifs that dave had created had the strongest branding to them and that we should try and carry those vibes into the rest of the project. I was really glad that the posters got such positive feedback and that Viv felt like there was a strong enough brand that it could carry through to everything else.

Apart from the positive feedback Viv did give quite a bit of feedback on the posters and said that she actually preferred the ones without the slit in the image. Initially John and I were hesitant at this however when we printed them out we did agree that they were much stronger without the slit and that it wasn’t really needed as the implied cut was much more effective. It was suggested that we could play with the lines a lot more too as the images themselves had a lot of strong geometric features within them that we could play with. After trying this, it did look really good. We also made sure the text was strong enough.

In terms of the zine layout I really tried to focus on bringing in the lines from the posters and the broken up text. I am really proud of how it came out as I tried to incorporate all the colours from the various images. The full layout can be seen here and a few select images are below.

I am really happy with how the final outcomes look currently and I hope that after I get feedback on these that there will be minimal changes.


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