This year for me has been fascinating. It has been incredibly hard at points but also very interesting and enjoyable. I feel like I have been constantly challenged in every project which has forced me to create some of the best work I have ever done and work that I am extremely proud of. I was lucky enough to also take part in an Internship at the Guildford Street Press which I loved, although again it was quite challenging.

I usually enjoy working alone however this year in multiple projects we have been working in groups. Although at first I struggled I have since learn to love the support and assistance and found some members in the group who I work incredibly well with, John being one of those.

I have felt throughout this year that I haven’t learnt as much as last year however looking back it’s clear that I have learnt a lot more technical skills – from programs such as indesign to techniques such as grids and type.

I can’t wait to start my third year now. I am excited to take more control of my projects and do more research into areas I am interested in and I can’t wait to see what I can produce.


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