Within the article found here: http://www.digitaleng.news/de/the-impact-of-globalization-on-design/ it states that now many companies are not only shifting their manufacture process off shore but also their design process. Business heads are now only getting the product design process started and it’s being followed by more in depth refining and development in places much closer to the products production plants.

This does have many positives as stated by Adina Shorr within the article such as the sharing of workload meaning that it is much easier to meet rising demands for quality as well as quantity. However, the main benefit is the system of ‘better – faster – cheaper’ which obviously benefits the company at every level.

An issue which isn’t mentioned in the article would be the issues of pay and fair working conditions. This is an issue in all industries especially when it comes down to design and production as it’s known the by outsourcing the main reason it becomes cheaper is down to labour costs. However, there is many arguments for this that they would not be working without the big companies.

The article does mention how the language barrier is an issue in the outsourcing of design and that to build an easy system for everyone to understand 3D printing has taken over. I find this absolutely fascinating as you often forget that when things become popular they become popular for a reason and that reason can be as simple as to defeat a language barrier. Obviously this is only a positive as it means that more people are harnessing the power of 3D printing and like stated in the article, there is less margin for error and therefore less time spent. It is also completely crazy to think that these designs can be sent across the world to a printer. It makes the world feel tiny.

The only issue with this is that it means that a lot of smaller businesses who make things by hand or simply can’t create things for the same price as corporations often struggle as they do have to charge slightly more. As well as this it means that creating physical things by hand isn’t as popular as it was before and crafts are getting lost.

Overall I think this whole concept of out-sourcing design is phenomenal and has forced the world to become more digital and 3D which only seems to have benefits. However, under the surface there are lots of potential problems like ethical labour and smaller businesses.

Through most of my globalisation research so far it seems to be a running trend that globalisation is having a huge positive impact on the richer, more first world countries, connecting their citizens with more people than ever. On the other hand it seems to be creating more of a divide that ever between not only the richer and poorer countries but also between the big corporations and small businesses and the western culture with the more individual cultures all over the world.


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