On the IBM website there is a section regarding image creation and use on the web (https://.ibm.com/https/www-01.ibm.com/software/globalization/topics/graphics/cultural.html) Although not directly linked to globalisation, I think it makes a lot of good points about the repercussions of becoming such a united world, more specifically by all sharing things such as the Internet. 

One of the points it first makes is that when we put anything online we now must be conscious that it could potentially be seen by anyone, be that someone from your own circles or someone from across the world from a totally different way of life. This point was interesting to me as I don’t think I think about this enough when I post online. Even through things like social media, we often forget that it can be seen by anyone. Now especially that more and more of the world is getting online everyday meaning more people have access to your content. 

From this point they talk about offense and how that even if we don’t find something offensive someone from a different circle/lifestyle/country might. From the point of a company like IBM I can see why this would be an issue however from a design point of view i believe it makes everything a lot more interesting as it means that our designs that we create can actually create debate and conversations around various topics and potentially change people’s way of thinking. 

However, main point that they make on the site is that we must be aware of the connotations of various imagery and make it as easy as possible to read via the visual language. For example, the site uses the poisonous sign. This is something that anyone from any where would see and stop as it’s bright colour and obvious symbol scream danger. They also mention the importance of colour and how they conveys meaning which is something I did already know but hadn’t really thought of in a global sense. For this, they use the example of road signs and the use of red. 

I think there is definitely a time and place to play around with connotations of images and colour within design and that by doing so it is still possible to create an easy to read design. However, in terms of design that’s pure intention is to have as wider audience as possible the connotations of images and colour and what you want people to read from the design must be thought about. Even more so than ever before in our ever growing global society. 


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