In an article found on ‘its nice that’ (found here: http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/mastered-changes-to-the-industry-170816) , the writer speaks to a selection of art directors within the graphic design field regarding the evolution of the industry. 

They speak about trends and how we need to make sure we’re one step ahead but this wasn’t what sparked my interest. One Art Director by the name of Mirko Borsche actually spoke about globalisation and in a way that I’d never really thought about before. 

His main point is that as we’re becoming more of a global village we are loosing a lot of individual styles and design language. He even goes as far to say things such as ‘Swiss typography’ will vanish. This was a point that I’d never really thought about before as my main studies around globalisation had been much more focused on the growth of technology and gap between western culture and the rest of the world. 

Although this is quite a pessimistic comment, I do feel like it means that everyone has to make sure they show they’re unique style in everything they do and rather than specific movements or styles becoming more popular it will be specific people. This does mean that it will probably become much harder to stand out and progress in the field, it should mean that the quality of work all round is much much stronger.

He does also mention that social media and blogs influence everyone online rather than for example a book influencing a specific group of people. To me this will only create a more dynamic and interesting media landscape as so many things will show strains of influence from certain things yet hopefully be so incredibly different. This is something I’ve found interesting as a student as we often have the same starting points and influences yet always come up with completely different and unique ideas. 

I did find this article incredibly interesting, mainly as it wasn’t an angle I had really looked into before. I think that although it’s disappointing that we may loose specific areas like Borsche states, we actually open far more doors than we shut in this process. 


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